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Go Gothic – Not Satanic

A common misconception, someone wearing black nail-polish or heavy black eyeliner or someone who prefers black dress is tagged as “Gothic”. And a more drastic misconception is that of tagging Gothic fashion as Satanic. What lead me to write all these? Ok, let me move two steps back.

Raheleh, a quiet shy girl with nicest of the etiquettes and the warmest of hearts who prefers wearing black dress. And I felt so sorry for her when she is “tagged” as Satanist by some of our classmates. But where did the trend of mingling Gothic and Satanic started? And why do people do so? And so I thought of sharing whatever of the little bit I know about Gothic fashion.

Its true that Gothic is stereotyped as ‘dark’. That is because the Goth fashion culture believes in freedom of expression and dares to deviate from the mainstream style statement challenging taboos of all kind. Black with other bold colors like dark red is preferred by people of Gothic subculture. So the main style statement of the Gothic fashion includes dark fingernails, black dyed hair, dark eyeliner and black clothes.

But why people confuse Satanic and Gothic? May be for the mere fact of “black”. Black has always been associated with mourning, with Satan by some. It’s a different fact that the Goths adopted Arianism, a different form of Christianity from the main stream Catholic and Baptist thing. But yet they are Christians and not Satanists.

So please, please, please mark a wide barrier between the two. Because Gothic traditional fashion now belongs to the main stream fashion statement but Satanists are yet to be accepted. And Gothics can be summed up as a sub-group of Christianity itself.

The Great Indian Furnishings

Hey… is there anything wrong? I mean, is there some fun missing in your life? Are you getting a l’il bored of your usual surroundings?….. Tired of seeing the same old room? Or should I straightway ask you if you want some change in your life? Want to give a completely different makeover to your room? Of course, you should think about it and why not? Change is the flavor of season… So, just give it a try!!!!
And do you know where to turn when you want to give your room an exotic view that you’ve always wanted to be in? The traditional yet contemporary online store of Indian Handicrafts is just there to make your dreams come true as you cosy up and snuggle into the most exotic, warm and comfortable quilt sets of the season. Wait! This is not all…. In fact, Indian Handicrafts offers you the furnishing that exhibits the diversified art and culture of India. You just need to explore the assorted collection of exquisitely designed and woven colorful bedspreads, cushion covers and curtains raging from cotton handloom, silk and polyester to patchwork, embroidered and floral.

What’s your pick this Festive Season?

New Year and Christmas is just round the corner. So how are you going to celebrate this most awaited day of the year? Partying…. Outings…. Visits to friend’s place… holidaying? What??…. Thought of presenting something special to your loved ones… OK Cool…. But what is this “something special”??? Oho.. never thought of it. No Problem!!!

You can now select lovely gift items of your choice from a varied range of products for your home, family, friends and ….anyone. That means you can shop everything for everyone, all at one place and that too without losing out on your valuable time. Where??? At Indian Handicrafts. Where else buddy!!!

Finely fabricated Silk Scarves, vibrant bath mats, bedspreads, curtains and other home furnishings like quilts, elegantly handmade wall décor, beautiful office products for personal use….and many more products of your choice. In fact, you just name it and you can lay your hands on every classy, trendy and beautiful product that you ever wished for. Get ready to welcome Santa in your home and then who knows; you might just listen yourself saying that this Christmas you’ve actually got your wishes fulfilled in the aesthetic house of Indian handicrafts. Just listen to your heart and shop till the Festive Season ends.

Treasure Unforgettable Moments with Photo Frames

I know most of you people love to cherish your old moments when you were at school; when you made all possible reasons for not going to school….fabricated stories for your teachers to get an excuse…and I’m sure you too like to treasure your college life, those class bunks, freaking out at canteen, making some unbelievably great excuses to spend a night-out at your friend’s place…. I know you must be having a good collection of your family pictures, your best friends’ photographs….pictures from your past life…the moments which can never come back…….

OK tell me, how do you like to keep those snaps? Where do you place them safely so that they don’t get spoilt? Don’t you love to show the world some of the best moments of your life? Lovely photo frames are the first thing that comes to the mind when one talks about photographs. And if you like to keep an eye for nice and descent photo frames, then you would surely love a different line of photo frames at Indian Handicrafts store.

Completely handmade and handcrafted, these photo frames can beautify your fun-filled memories with its traditional stone work, and vibrant colors. The finely delineated ethnic pictures on recycled paper of these frames would certainly enliven your still pictures as if you were never away from those precious moments. Hey, you can also take in use the elegantly carved wood boxes to store in those invaluable things that were ever gifted to you by your family and friends or treasure your grandparent’s heirloom in those refined and aesthetic wooden boxes. Now, I’m sure you want to have all those pretty items for your lovely room and what more would you ask for when you can really own them with just a click. So, come on guys….just log on to

Discover your Love for Tradition at Indian Handicrafts

Just wanted to share something with you coz’ I thought that you might also be interested in knowing about some conventional handcrafted products. Perhaps …you might have been looking for them to redecorate your lovely homes or wanted to gift those ethnic decorations to your loved ones. I know many a time, some of you would have, generally, come across those hand-woven and handcrafted products and passed by without giving them a second look and thought of it as typical Indian designs.

Well yes! They are Indian, for sure, but not at all typical. In fact, these designs carry with them a long history of tradition, culture and rich heritage of India. Indian Handicrafts has brilliantly and gracefully exhibited the royal legacy of India through their handcrafted and user friendly products which are not just conventional but dynamic, lively and distinctive in pattern as well. Be it the patchwork, the embroidery, the zari work, sequins or cotton hand looms; be it home furnishings for home decor, accessories or even articles for personal use and office use…. you just can’t get enough of it. With unlimited sections of handicrafts, it embraces ethnicity, traditionalism, and love for culture yet holds onto the spirit of modern world that is beaming with vibrancy and life.

Wait a minute…. I guess my words may sound light…. You don’t believe me? Fine… just check out the Indian Handicrafts website, see for yourself… and you’ve got every right to have your opinion.

Jute: Your all time Companion

Sorry! If I sound very excited but I really couldn’t stop myself from expressing my views about some lovely jute products from Indian handicrafts store. OK first of all, tell me that have ever tried some trendy and unique fashion accessories for you?? Girls….. just break that typical black-metal-artificial-jewelry-image of yours and for once try on some lovely and beautiful jute fashion jewelry and hair accessories that carry an altogether different style statement with it. Pretty and charming, these fashion accessories like bangles, earrings, jewelry sets are not only environment and user friendly but also as glamorous and traditional as you are.

And now….. lets talk about some very nice jute Wall Hangings. I’m sure that you won’t ask for anything else when you come across those vibrant and lively Wall Paintings. In fact, jute has complemented some of the terracotta wall paintings and Coir wall paintings. And no doubt, they can complement your modern interiors as well.

Hellooo….. that’s not all! Don’t you want the traditional and soothing presence of jute with you all the time. I tell you, jute can be your all time companion at your workplace with some decorative jute Pen Stands and hey… don’t forget to have a look at those pretty and cute jute key chains when you visit the Indian Handicrafts website. They may allure you to take them away with you.